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Why Start Another Church?

By Nick Brzozowski

Aren’t there plenty of churches, why do we need another one?

This question has been posed by both Christians and non-Christians alike. If someone doesn’t attend a church, there is a reason for that. If they do attend a church, they could even be feeling attacked, as our church implies theirs isn’t good enough.

On top of the initial resistance from people to a new church, there is also the agonizing  long hours and  the terrifying uncertainty.

So, the question of why bother is a good one!

I felt called to starting a church for two reasons. First, the church has saved my life and having a relationship with Jesus has given me hope and meaning. Ever since I was six years old, I have wanted to introduce people to that hope. And new churches are known for reaching new people!

Second,  I have been interested in leadership for a long time. Growing up poor, I didn’t have a lot of options and opportunities, but leadership seemed different. Leadership offers to take limited resources and produce meaningful impact.

Over the last year, in the midst of the 2020 chaos, we have discovered some things about the need for a new church. We have been asking and searching for why so many 20’s and 30’s who value spirituality and community but don’t want to be at church. We are discovering that this new generation has the impression of church as judgmental and dogmatic, and so often, they are right!

So back to the question: Why start another church? This generation is looking for more churches that lead with warmth and communicate with depth. At least, that is the kind of church we feel compelled to start. And we hope that this is the kind of church that can bring healing, transformation, and meaning to a generation that is full of potential.

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