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What Is Your Weakness

By Hannah Brzozowski

If you’ve ever been to a job interview, you’ve been asked this question. And if you are anything like me, your answer sounded a little bit like this: “I work too hard,“ “I’m a perfectionist,” or “I care too much.” Nick mentioned in his message how self awareness is dangerous but I want to add something:

Self awareness is brave.

Recently, a friend asked me what I thought her strengths and weaknesses were. What a brave question to ask! Of course, your strengths are always nice to hear, but your weaknesses, now, that’s a different story. I told her what I thought and it opened up some things that we never would have talked about if it wasn’t for her bravery.

King David had to get to the point where his life was crashing in on him. After an affair and murdering his lover’s husband, he still needed Nathan to bring awareness. Think about the pain he could have avoided if he would have searched inside before all that damage.

To be honest, I would rather stop drinking coffee than ask you what my weaknesses are. What if you confirm what I already don’t like about myself? But, what if the insight I get from you, helps prevent a David/Nathan moment?

Today, I want to challenge you to ask someone: What is my weakness?

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