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Quinn's Questions · Part 1: How do we know God really said the Bible?

Quinn's Questions is designed to help parents answer their kid's tough Bible questions. They are inspired by questions from our friend's son, Quinton!

By Nick Brzozowski

At church, we talk about the Bible a whole lot! That’s because it’s the best way to learn about God and other important stuff in the world, like how we should treat other people.

But, how do we really know that the Bible is from God?

First, we feel God when we read the Bible.

Just like great movies can make us feel happy or sad or scared, the Bible can help us feel God. Reading about God’s love helps us feel safe and relaxed. Reading about our sin helps us feel sad for how we hurt people. And reading about how God wants to live in us and work in us can feel exciting.

Second, the Bible has helped billions of people find happiness and learn to treat others better.

The Bible is the number one book of all time! No book comes even close. And it has helped people learn how to live for thousands of years. Without the Bible, it is tough to know why people should be treated with kindness and respect. But, the Bible tells us that people matter to God. And if people matter to God, then they matter to us too.

Third, Jesus believed God said the Bible.

If someone tells you that they are going to rise from the dead, you might think they are crazy. But, if that same person actually does rise from the dead, he might be on to something! And that is what Jesus did. Jesus is unlike any other person who has ever lived, because he rose from the dead. And so we should pay attention to what he teaches. One of the things Jesus taught was that the Bible was from God.

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