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Be The One

By Nick Brzozowski

“Make the most of every opportunity…” Ephesians 5:16

A few years ago, a group of us from Kenosha went to a ministry conference. There were three thousand attending — the perfect scenario for ultimate embarrassment. The conference had a segment where comedians would interact with the audience. They asked for a volunteer from my section of one thousand and I shot up. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I flailed my hand high in the air and jumped up and down. (It may have been a little much, seeing that I was the only one volunteering in the whole section.) I must have appeared to be a loose cannon, looking so eager, so I bet if there was anyone else raising their hand, that person would have gotten chosen - but they were stuck with me.

My job was to give one line for a song. It was a completely blank canvas. Any line. Whatever I wanted — the most frightening experience for a J! So, I turned to my group in a panic and asked for a line. Nothing. Those jerks! I looked at the comedians. I looked at the 3,000 people staring at me. I looked at the giant screens with me standing there frozen. “Do you speak English?” The comedian broke the tension. I looked at once more at my group for some help. Snickering, someone did pipe up — “take your shirt off!” Since my brain refused to give me one stupid line, I was forced to go with what was given to me.

Utter embarrassment! The crowd was confused (and disturbed)! The comedians knew it was time to abort the mission, and in a flash found another volunteer. And my moment was over.

So, should I have volunteered? 999 other people didn’t. Yes, I was embarrassed. But, this is one of my favorite stories. I’m chuckling to myself thinking about it now.

Today, think about that one opportunity that 999 other people may pass up. What is that one thing that you may not be the most qualified for just yet, but you will never know if you do nothing. Is it a co-worker to be-friend? A family member to call? A girl to ask out? Is it a dream that seems impossible, but you can’t get out of your head?

What could happen if you fail? But, what if you don’t? Seriously, what could happen if you don’t fail?

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