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22 Nutrients You Need To Have (and it's not your typical vitamins)

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

By Nick Brzozowski

Imagine if you had more energy, focus and positivity.

Really! Think about it!

Think of that project, the one that has been weighing down on you. You would be able to tackle it within the deadline and maybe even enjoy doing it!

What kind of gift it would be if you could give someone more energy, focus and positivity?

That is what John Townsend share about in his book, People Fuel. In it, he compares physical nutrients and their benefits to relational nutrients. A helpful PDF that outlines it all is right here.

Below, we take all 22, sectioned off by quadrant, and give one example to help you see how you might give and receive these.

Be Present

  1. Acceptance - That makes total sense, I’m not judging you.

  2. Attunement - Wow! You must be surprised she said that!

  3. Validation - That’s a big deal that that happened to you.

  4. Identification - I felt similar when I lost my job.

  5. Containment - That’s ok, keep venting.

  6. Comfort - I am so sorry for your loss.

Convey the Good

  1. Affirmation - That article you wrote was dead on. It was interesting, helpful, original - great job!

  2. Encouragement - After seeing your work for the last three years, we believe that you are ready for the promotion.

  3. Respect - Thank you so much for you time.

  4. Hope - Based on your past performance and these numbers, I believe you are going to see some grow this quarter.

  5. Forgiveness - You don’t owe me anything.

  6. Celebration - Everyone, George made another sale!

Provide Reality

  1. Clarification - I think there’s actually three issues we are bringing up right now.

  2. Perspective - Now, let’s imagine we are a customer receiving the product.

  3. Insight - One more thing you need to understand is that this all happened on Albert’s birthday.

  4. Feedback - The presentation felt too long for me.

  5. Confrontation - Could you put the dishes directly in the dish washer next time?

Call to Action

  1. Advice - You could use concrete next time!

  2. Structure - This next year, you will need to consider both quality of growth and quantity.

  3. Challenge - I know it won’t be easy, but if you apologize, it will be healing.

  4. Development - Remember, we encourage failure here.

  5. Service - Another opportunity to volunteer will be next Friday.

Now, think about someone you will be talking with this week. How can you use a relational nutrient to him them grow?

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