Why do you need to join an Anchor Group?

As a human being, you need validation, affirmation, celebration, feedback, and development. These are just a few of the relational nutrients that John Townsend mentions in his book, People Fuel. These are the nutrients we seek to have at Anchor Group every week. If you’re looking to grow in your friendships and faith, Anchor Groups are for you.


Each group is about an hour and consists of a time of breaking the ice, talking about our weeks, and then diving into the topic of the month, being open with our answers to the questions. It’s an hour that you’ll look forward to each week. It’s a community where you can ask questions, help others grow, and celebrate people too. Come and join us, as we grow stronger together.

This Month's Series:
What If Jesus Was Never Born? 


Colonialism, racism, homophobia, nationalism, chauvinism and anti- intellectualism. Christianity seems to have been a source of evil in the world and throughout history. Has the movement launched by everybody’s favorite Jewish carpenter, done more harm than good?

In this series, we will take an honest look at the ways Christianity has done harm and how we should understand them in light of the call Jesus has given us to live.

This month, groups happen Monday's at 8pm on Zoom and Thursday's at 6pm in person

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