What is an Anchor Group? 

At Anchor, we want to serve one another through connecting and helping each other grow. 


We want to offer you the best experience by being warm, vulnerable and curious. 

Come as you are! We would love to meet you!

This Month's Series: Toxic


When you're dealing with a difficult person, sometimes it feels like there are only two options: "forgive and forget" or "cancel them". 


Neither choice seems adequate. 


Dealing with toxic people can be exhausting, devastating and heart wrenching, leaving you feeling powerless. 


Together, we are going to explore this topic and learn to love people while still paying attention to our own needs.

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Week 1 (August 9th & 12th)  Get to know each other

Week 2 (August 16th & 19th)  Explore Matthew 7:1-6

Week 3 (August 23rd & 26th)  Explore Proverbs 13:20; 16:27

Week 4 (August 30th & 2nd)  Take action


Every Week


Monday's at 6pm: Nick's group in person 


Monday's at 8pm: Sammi's group on Zoom 

Meeting ID: 842 2640 1380

Passcode: anchor


Thursday's at 6pm: Jaasiah's group in person


Thursday's at 8pm: Louise's group on Zoom

Meeting ID: 863 2675 0752

Passcode: anchor