What is an Anchor Group? 

At Anchor, we want to serve one another through connecting and helping each other grow. 


We want to offer you the best experience by being warm, vulnerable and curious. 

Come as you are! We would love to meet you!

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Do you like the way you look? According to one study, four out of five of you would say “no.” Body image issues can hurt your confidence, fill you with shame, and keep you in fear.


In our service, we explored the three truths that break the pressure that keeps us in bondage. During our groups, we will go a little deeper and help each other see ourselves the way God sees us.

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Series: Mirror Mirror

Week 1: Get to know each other (June 14th and 17th)

Week 2: David and Body Image (June 21st and 24th)

Week 3: Take action (June 28th and July 1st)