If you're looking to connect with Anchor, you're in the right place. Fill out the form below and we'll contact you right away to find your spot at Anchor. In 2021, the theme for our church to be "serve" - that means we want to:

serve each other through Anchor Groups,

serve the community, and

serve the searching through technology.

We believe Everyone's Welcome and that definitely includes you.

How Do You Want To Make A Difference This Year?
Serve One Another: Which Anchor Group are you interested in? (*All groups are currently meeting through Zoom)
Serve the Community: How are you interested in servng the community? (Check all tht apply)
Serve the Searching: How are you interested in serving people online
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Services on the Second Sunday of each month at 5:00 pm - Due to Covid-19, Online only

 • 2901 Watterson Ct. Champaign, IL