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Take The Plunge.

Have you always wondered what baptism is? Why do Christians do it? How does getting soaked have anything to do with spirituality? Does it actually do anything? How do you actually get baptized without falling back into the water?


If you've asked any of these questions, you're not alone. Baptism is a fascinating and honestly, strange practice that Christians participate in. That's why we created Anchor's Three Day Baptism Course. 


Throughout the three days, you'll receive an email with a 5-10 minute video of Nick walking you through why baptism exists, the history of it and how to actually take the step yourself. 

Start the Course Now!

 what people are saying about Anchor 

"It is such a blessing to be part of this community. I’ve been able to grow in my faith, make deep connections with others, and serve in meaningful ways. The people here are truly kind, compassionate, and humble. God is working powerfully here!"

- Michael

"Anchor Church is a new church in Urbana-Champaign, and the people working day and night to make this a safe community for everyone- Nick and Hannah, are the kindest people I’ve known in town. Their vision, Anchor Church, has brought light into the lives of every single person who has connected with them. My Anchor community makes me want to be a better person every single day, in which, I know that God and these two are there to guide me."

- Prashasti

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